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Red Rods- Montessori Maths and Sensorial Material
Sensorial Learning Materials



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Rods are red in color: Comes enclosed in a wooden box

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Maths and Sensorial Learning Material to develop a child’s visual and sensorial perception of demension.

A product includes ten red rods varying in length with the same square cross-section.
Width= 2.5cm
Length= 1cm to 10cm

Develops kids’ ability to compare and grade the rods serially based on their length and improve their visual differentiation of objects based on its dimensions.
Improves fine motor skills and coordination while placing the rods in gradual progression on the basis of their length.

Comes enclosed in a large wooden box that perfectly houses the rods protecting them from damage and making it easy to store and reuse.
Montessori-PreSchool learning material.

Shipping Details

Delivers within 1-2 days of order within Kathmandu Valley.

May take a few days outside Valley.

Packaging Details

Comes wrapped in a protective paper and plastic packaging to protect from physical damage.

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