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Binomial Cube - Montessori Math Materials, Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy for Children- Sensorial Learning
Maths Lab Materials



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  • Comes in a durable wooden box housing all the 8 pieces with a sliding wooden cover on top. Making it easy to store after use.

  • The Binomial Cube is a good playing material for teaching Montessori kids’ mathematical concepts from early on.

  • Made of beechwood and segmented into 8 different pieces which fit together in a binomial pattern. 

  • Represents Algebraic Formula  (a+b)3=a3+3a2b+3ab2+b3

  • The color coded cubes represent factors of the equation. 

  • Good for sensorial activity in a Montessori classroom to improve children’s ability to discriminate objects visually by color and shape.

  • Pre-schools, Kindergarten, Montessori Schools and educational centers.

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Delivers within 1-2 days of order within Kathmandu Valley.

May take a few days outside Valley.

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Comes wrapped in a protective paper and plastic packaging to protect from physical damage.

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