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Hanbaz Water Tank Cleaner- Household Daily Use item
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Hanbaz Water Tank Cleaner

  • Easiest way to clean your water tank without ever having to get yourself soaked.

    • Product includes: * 1 Telescopic Handle
                                   * 1 Pressure Drain Hose with scrub brush at the end of the hose

      *Warranty : 3 years of company warranty on the equipment.

      How to use:
  • Twist the Telescopic handle to extend it and then twist it back at your desired length.
  • Snap the handle and attach it with the brush.
  • Open the valve on the pressure drain hose and fill it up with water and close it tightly. (the water won't leak from the other end)
  • Make the water tank has enough water for the brush end to submerge completely.
  • Now scrub the tank with the brush cleanly.
  • After you are done scrubbing all the dirt from the walls and the bottom of the tank keep the brush submerged inside the dirty water.
  • Finally open the hose leave it on the ground to drain out the dirty water inside the tank. (the hose should be on the ground level).

Shipping Details

Delivers within 1-2 days of order within Kathmandu Valley.

May take a few days outside the Valley.

Packaging Details

Comes wrapped in a protective paper and plastic packaging to protect from physical damage.

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