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Wooden Alphabet Train- Montessori and Preschool Indoor Language Material
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Wooden Alphabet Train- Montessori and Preschool Indoor Material


  • A set of 12 wooden alphabet blocks on wheels with two wooden trains to attach at the start and the end.

  • The colorful and attractive design and the mobility of the number trains will encourage kids to play with it all by themselves.

  • Encourages kids to initiate self-learning practices.

  • Improves letter recognition and language along with fine motor skills.

  • A playful start at understanding the concept of letter and patterns.


  • Hooks and Wholes on two ends of each number carriage for kids to interact with and connect to form the complete train.
  • The hooks attach neatly and fittingly inside the holes and are easy to come disconnect.
  • Soft round edges on all corners making it very safe for kids.
  • Non toxic colors.

Shipping Details

Delivers within 1-2 days of order within Kathmandu Valley.

May take a few days outside the Valley.

Packaging Details

Comes wrapped in a protective paper and plastic packaging to protect from physical damage.

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