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Alphabet Talking Board- Interactive Sound Board for Learning- Montessori and Preschool Indoor Educational Material
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  • Works from 3 Quad A batteries (AAAA) and an OFF/ON Switch on the board.
  • Says English Alphabets from A-Z along with the words they are associated with as it can be seen on the chart.
  • Adjustable Volume Function
  • 4 different modes to interest kids into playing and learning at the same time.
    • Test Function: The digital sound asks children to find the right letter or word and prompts back if the correct one has been selected or not.
    • Continue Function: Reads the name of all the alphabets serially from top to bottom in a proper decending order.
    • Spelling Function: Spells the words out clearly on each alphabet when they are pressed.
    • Learning Function: Helps kids understand on what the shapes and alphabets are by saying the letters and words out clearly when pressed.
  • Comes with a market and eraser which can be used on the back of the board for practicing the alphabets or drawing.


Shipping Details

Delivers within 1-2 days of order within Kathmandu Valley.

May take a few days outside Valley.

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Comes wrapped in a protective paper and plastic packaging to protect from physical damage.

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